Pokéball Garden Update including photos!

Hi there,

Just thought I would share this quick update on how the garden is doing! I was away at a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat (blog post coming soon) and my parents kept the garden watered for me while I was gone (thanks guys!). Plus the weather has stayed nice so things are moving along well!

Upon my return, I was super excited to harvest my first radishes! They came out so red and beautiful and taste delicious (I know radishes are super easy to grow, but hey this was a lot of effort finally coming to fruition). Picked out a few red rover and icicle radishes. Not too spicy, but still a bit of tang!

So delicious in salads!
These icicles have a bit more zap than the red ones do!


Here are a few recent photos of the Pokéball Garden. I’m realizing now that circular garden beds produce some interesting microclimates!

Radishes and lettuce have taken off nicely! Hoping for some giant daikons soon.
The Brassicas (especially the curly kale) have been thriving!
Not sure if the cabbage will have enough time to head up. Grow faster dudes!!

Today I planted around 80 onion sets (60 yellow, 20 red) for overwintering, and will be planting garlic bulbs in a couple of weeks. I’ve never tried this before and I’m a bit concerned I missed the window on getting the sets a good start. But in gardening all you can do is plant and see what happens! Even if I get one good onion I’ll be happy (can always harvest the tops too!). The harvest on these guys probably won’t be until April or May, so its a game of patience for sure.

I also threw down a few beets, turnips and kohlrabi seeds just to see what happens. To finish everything off, I covered the new plantings with about a 3 inch layer of lawn clippings in an effort to keep them warmer during the nights.

Onion sets planted out using ~4″ hexagonal spacing.
All good things start from tiny beginnings.

I’ve also been watering the garden with a homemade lactobacillus culture (also known as Effective Microbes (EM), lacto, or LAB). These beneficial microbes increase the fertility of the soil by digesting organic matter (including other microbes) into plant nutrients. They also increase the disease resistance of plants by providing a microbial defense. Talk about awesome! Lacto is truly a wonder. Read all about how to produce it at home and the incredibly wide variety of its uses over at The Unconventional Farmer.

Mmmm lacto. This concoction is so potent, you have to dilute it 1:1000 before using.

And, the worm party tubes I installed a couple of weeks ago have been working awesome! They literally disintegrated the food scraps I put down the tubes and, looking down in there, I could see a few worms squirming around. Its always a good feeling to see something you built working properly!

I’m a very happy garden gnome at the moment. Hope you are feeling equally happy, and if not, no worries its all in passing.

Best wishes to all, may all beings be happy

The Abundance Gnome


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