Herbs and Tea

Hey there friends.

I’m back with another short video, planting out the middle portion of the Pokéball Garden with some perennial herbs and I’ll also show you how I made some natural fertilizer using rabbit manure, plus a brief discussion about lactobacillus which I introduced in my last article Pokéball Garden Update including photos!

So without further ado, here is the video!

I actually wanted to put a fruit tree here and create a plant guild around it, however I could not get my parents on board with putting in the tree here. Well, it is their property after all so I have to respect there wishes. It’s all about the respect, man! I’ll find another spot for the tree, no worries.

As for making the manure tea, it is really easy. Here is a simple recipe:

  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket (or whatever size container) with 1 part manure to 5 parts water. You can use any typical farm animal manure – horse, cow, chicken, pig, goat, llama, rabbit, etc. Its always easy to find manure on websites like Craigslist for free or for super cheap, but if you can’t find any animals close by just go to your local garden center and pick up some bagged manure. Aged manure is probably best – I’m not too sure about using fresh manure to make manure tea as there may be more likelihood of pathogens.

    My manure tea brewing setup using an old hop bag and aquarium pump.
  2. Place the manure either in a mesh bag or directly in the water. If placing directly in the water, simply strain out the manure before watering (also optional depending on your watering device).
  3. Aerate the tea as often as you can to prevent development of anaerobic microbes. An aquarium pump is ideal, but you can stir it manually a few times a day as well. If the solution starts to smell bad you need to aerate it more.
  4. Allow the solution to steep for at least two days and up to a week. If the manure is placed directly in the water it will steep faster.
  5. Dilute the tea until it turns into a pale-brown yellowish color. The dilution can be applied as a foliar spray to leaves or poured onto the soil as a liquid fertilizer. Apply once or twice per week during growing season or as needed.

And thats it! Super easy, super cheap, super awesome!

Happy gardening to you all.

The Abundance Gnome


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