Hello and welcome!

Greetings fellow beings!

I’m very pleased to be sharing this new blog with you!¬†Recently I returned home to Colorado after traveling for two and a half years. During this time I volunteered/WWOOFed at several organic farms and intentional communities, learned about permaculture, and explored the dynamics self-sufficient living. New experiences were everywhere, and I seized every opportunity to get hands on experience from knowledgable people.

The lifestyle I lived while traveling was quite different to my life when I lived in Denver, and reintegration has been going slowly. I want to share many of the things I learned on my travels, and to replicate at least some of that lifestyle.

One of the things I promised myself I would do when I returned home was to make this blog. I have always enjoyed sharing my thoughts in writing, and now I finally have the inspiration to write about topics that really interest me and to become more active in sharing my knowledge and philosophies.

I have given myself a blogging name, The Abundance Gnome, because I believe in spreading the energy of abundance and in demonstrating that the universe is a magnificently abundant place in which we all live and love. The Earth and Gaia can provide everything we need, but first we must weed through our shallow desires and our hateful ignorance of nature, and realize that cooperation is the key to abundant living, while competition facilitates scarcity mentality.

My goal is to share knowledge about permaculture, gardening, and healthy ways of living including diet, spirituality, and ecological consciousness.

So thanks for reading, and please follow my blog as I share in this journey with you all!

In loving-kindness,

The Abundance Gnome



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